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Governance (cont.)

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Communication Sandboxing: Topics, Tasks & Tools

Here we are going to begin to layout a summary of basic processes and the tasks and tools to realize them. The basic processes we are going to consider:

  • sharing information
  • making a decision
  • accomplishing tasks (collective action)

These basic processes are circularly interrelated. Sharing information and making a decision are themselves tasks. Nevertheless, we will break them out so as to help identify what tools will facilitate their realization.

The tools in question here will primarily be electronic tools: discussion apps, collaborative document processing, mass messaging, etc.

Topics: Sharing Information

Information may need to be shared for various reasons, private and public. Some private communication for members might include:

  • event announcements
  • agenda notifications
  • discussions
  • meeting minutes
  • voting results
  • task status

Making an Organizational Decision

The basic organizational process of decision-making, in its simplest form using our face-to-face meeting process, would seem to involve the following:

  • identify a topic for discussion (an agenda item)
  • identify relevant factors (through discussion)
  • weigh the factors (up/down voting)
  • produce a motion for voting (via consensus, no objections?)
  • vote (simple or two thirds majority, or consensus)
  • identify and assign any resulting tasks

Accomplishing Tasks

A task is essentially an elected (voted) action which engages a person or group to undertake it. Tasks typically involve information sharing, but also typically unfold in stages involving milestones, which need monitoring, and lead to an agreed upon end state which marks their completion.

  • task identity
  • required resources
  • member assignments
  • monitor milestones


What kinds of tools might facilitate the basic processes of sharing information, making decisions and accomplishing tasks? Here are some generic possibilities:

  • sharing information:
    • in-meeting apps, email, social media, web site, telephone
  • decision-making:
    • in-meeting apps, email, forums, polling, document management
  • accomplishing tasks
    • task management software

The Sandbox: Testing Apps

So here are some application candidates for sandbox testing regarding organizational processes:


Social Media

Discussion Boards

Document Management

Task / Project Management

Petitions & Surveys

Governance: Table of Contents